You want to be sure that you’re covered in the unfortunate event of a loss or theft of your most beloved possessions. When your jewelry and watches are appraised by Bruce Watters Jewelers you have peace of mind in knowing that if these situations were to occur, that you will be correctly compensated.


Our highly-trained appraisers fully evaluate each diamond, gemstone and watch in precise detail and transcribe these observations in accurate detail on your written appraisal documentation. This documentation is useful to provide a retail replacement value of your piece but is also important for the detailed descriptions of your timepiece or jewelry in the case of loss or theft.

Along with completing a thorough appraisal, our experienced staff is available to offer advice and explanations of client questions and inquiries.

Insuring Your Jewelry

Fine jewelry is beautifully crafted to last for generations, but accidents do happen. Bruce Watters Jewelers offers Jewelers Mutual Insurance to insure your personal jewelry in the event of loss, theft or damage.

JM-logo-300x150Jewelers Mutual Insurance is the only insurance company that specializes in protecting jewelers and the personal jewelry of the United States. If you have a covered loss, Jewelers Mutual will ask that you return us to have your jewelry repaired or replaced instead of mailing it off to someone you don’t know. Furthermore, jewelry losses you experience with Jewelers Mutual will not affect your existing homeowners policy.