The Custom Process

BruceWatters Jewelers CustomCustom jewelry is all about you. It is about expressing your individual taste, style, and making a statement. So, we believe that the best way to start is to get to know you, before we even start sketching the piece for you.

1. Sit with one of our custom jewelry designers and discuss what it is that you have in mind for your custom jewelry piece. Together, with your help, our designer will come up with the perfect design and a counter sketch.

2. Once you and our custom jewelry designer come with up an idea, our designer will either refine the counter sketch or create a computer-aided rendering of your design.

3. When the design is approved, the next step involves either hand-crafting the design from scratch based on the refined counter sketch, or building a 3D wax model using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

4. Once again you will meet with our designer to approve the wax model or to discuss any changes. When the model meets your satisfaction, our jewelry artisans can produce the finished piece.

At Bruce Watters Jewelers we take great pride and satisfaction in our work and request for at least three weeks for the custom design process. However, based on the intricacies of a design, this time-frame may change.